Timothy Bailey, Ministerial Director

Amber West, Secretary

Ministry Description
The role of the Ministerial Department is to equip pastors to achieve their highest personal and professional potential. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Spiritual Growth & Maturity
  • Pastoral & Nurturing Ministry
  • Evangelism & Church Growth
  • Ministerial Resources & Continuing Education
  • Strengthening and supporting the pastoral family


North American Division Ministerial Association website (spouses, too).

Elders Handbook

28 Fundamental Beliefs

FORMS (fill-in)
Church Planning Guide (new) (pdf)
New Member/Spiritual Partner

Vacation Request Form (email/fax to MVC office for approval)

Campaign for Community Reversion form

Obituary form for Visitor magazine


Evangelistic Meeting forms:

  • Evangelism Budget Agreement  Form (pdf)
  • Evangelism Budget Agreement  Form (excel spreadsheet)