Camp Meeting

Camp Meeting 2024

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Friday, June 14 through Saturday, June 22, 2024

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For the Hearing Impaired - Special Services Available on Site
Camp meeting services held in the pavilion will be broadcast via audio.  If you are hearing impaired,
you may bring your personal FM radio to the meetings along with a set of earbuds or headphones.
For those not able to attend in person - Audio streaming available Click Here for link to online audio stream

Campmeeting Menu 2024

Campground Map

Driving Directions / Coordinates

For information about Lodging, please contact Amber at the Conference office ~ 304-422-4581
If calling later than June 9, call Valley Vista at ~ 304-335-2000


General Rules and Guidelines for Camp Meeting (see Lake Rules and Pet Policy below)

1. All campers please register at Locating (near Camp Store) on arrival. 
2. The person making application for lodging shall be responsible for informing family members and/or guests about camp meeting rules and information.
3. No one age 18 or under may stay on campus without adult supervision.
4. Campers must supply their own bedding, sleeping bags towels, and personal items as rooms do not have sheets, blankets, or pillows, and most rooms do not have a bathroom inside.
5. Christian modesty in dress is expected at all times while on the campground premises.  
6. Modest one-piece swimming suits are required at the swimming pool.
7. Smoking is prohibited in buildings and near building entrances.  Alcohol and illicit drugs are prohibited on the campground.
8. Candles/open fires are prohibited on the campground excluding supervised campfire bowls.
9. Unauthorized solicitation, selling, or promotion of any product is prohibited including fundraiser efforts for churches, schools, and other ministries.
10. It is expected that campers and visitors will be supportive of the mission of the organized Seventh-day Adventist Church. Unauthorized literature distribution or other disruptive activities may be cause for dismissal from the campground.
11. No 4-wheelers/ATVs allowed on campground without permission.
12. Open carry of firearms is not allowed without permission.
13. Bicycle riders age 15 and younger must wear helmets.  Do not ride on the gravel pathway between the bath house and pavilion for safety reasons.
14. **Pets are NOT allowed inside any motel room, cabin, or building with dogs expected to be on a leash and properly supervised. Pets requiring rabies shots must have shots up to date. Please bring bags to clean up after your pet.
15. A minimum $50 deposit is required to reserve next year’s camp meeting accommodations.  
16. First priority for reservations is given to those attending the entire camp meeting so we serve as many people as possible.  To accomplish this, those wanting reservations for less than the full camp meeting dates will be placed on a waiting list until April 15.
17. Church members within the Mountain View Conference have until March 22 to make reservations if attending the full camp meeting; after March 22, reservations will be accepted from anyone.
18. Non-refundable deposit:  If unable to attend camp meeting, a two-week notice prior to the camp meeting start date is required for the deposit to be refunded.
19. Meals are served three times daily (closed to the public on Sabbath) in the cafeteria for a nominal charge and are available to all.  Meal tickets or cash are required for dining in the Cafeteria. Purchase tickets at the Camp Store or at meal times in the Cafeteria. If you do not use all your purchased meals, a refund will be given. Costs: $8.00 ages 7 & up; $4.00 ages 4-6 (accompanied by paying adult); free for ages 3 and under (accompanied by paying adult). 
20. Checkout time on Sunday is 9:00 a.m.  Personal items must be removed from rented 
facilities when you checkout.  Anything left becomes the property of Valley Vista.
21. Campers and group leaders are expected to clean their rooms/areas used prior to leaving.

**Pet Policy
Though pets are discouraged at Valley Vista,  if you choose to bring your pet(s) 
during camp meeting,  the following additional rules are in place:
1. Dogs are expected to be a leash and properly supervised.
2. Dogs should be walked for bathroom breaks in areas away from locations used by people.
3. You must clean up after your dog.  Please bring your own bags.    
4. If your pet is excessively loud, you may be asked to remove the pet from the campground.
5. If these policies aren’t followed, you may be asked to take your pet(s) home.

Valley Vista Lake Rules
1. No swimming.  
2. No private motorized water craft allowed.
3. Everyone under age 18 must wear a life jacket.
4. A life jacket/vest must be worn (under age 18) or on board (those over age 18).
5. No driving on the dike.
Lake closes at dusk.